Crostinis with Sundried Tomato Topanade


Sun-dried Tomato Topanade and Crostini is my new go to appetizer. Piled high on a homemade crostini it is hard to stop eating! It is so full of flavor and colorful. Crostinis 2I love the fact that you can buy a couple of jars of the sun-dried tomatoes and keep it in the pantry for when you need it in a pinch. Most of the other ingredients you may have or may have the dried versions, which would work as well. It could be served on crackers or slices of bread cut in squares or strips…. whatever works, right?!?


1 baguette  

½ Cup Olive Oil 

5-6 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped 

1 sprig rosemary  


Preheat the oven to 350°. Slice baguette diagonally into think slices. In a small pan, heat the olive oil with garlic and rosemary until garlic is brown but not burned. Strain garlic from oil. With pastry brush, brush the bread rounds with olive oil. Place on a cookie sheet and toast in oven until golden brown.


Sundried Tomato Topanade:

1 cup oil-packed sundried tomatoes, drained, oil reserved 

2 medium cloves garlic  

¼ cup parmesan cheese, grated 

2 Tbsp fresh basil 

3-5 Tbsp olive oil (use oil from sundried tomatoes) 

Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste 


Place first 4 ingredients in food processor. While machine is running, add oil in a slow stream. Season with salt and pepper.  


Mic- Tip

– Freezing the bread slightly makes it easier to slice bread and keep its shape.

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