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Michaela’s Favorite Things!


When you find things that work and that you love… you just want to share them with the world! So, below are some of my favorite things!

iconS’well Bottle – White Marble Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle. I sometimes struggle with getting drinking enough water throughout the day. But I found when I have a beautiful bottle to drink out of (and a BIG one coming in at 25 oz) that its easier for me to carry around and drink all day! They come in so many beautiful designs!

MAC LipstickMAC Lipstick – Lipstick! I rarely leave the house without it! I have been using MAC lipstick for a long time. It lasts a long time! Adding a lip liner (I use “Soar” under everything!) under the lipstick with give you perfect lips, every time! My favorite red shade is “New York Apple“, my favorite pink shade is “Bombshell“.



Dumbell Solid Body Dumbbell’s – I live 15 miles out in the country, so when I used to workout in the gym, it would usually be after I was at the office/theater. But, if the day got busy, it was the workout that was skipped. Early this spring I put my money that would normally go into a gym membership and bought some weights and bench. Now, my health and workouts are priority and I do them first things in the morning. Or else it’s easy to get moving along in the day and skip it. You don’t need very many sets to get a good workout… I have 10lb, 15lb, and 25lb.



Habitue Coffee Habitue’ Coffee – Champ Vanilla Cone –  Bunny Tracks – Habitue’ Coffeehouse and Cakes to Remember is a BEAUTIFUL coffee house in downtown Le Mars. As you may know, Le Mars is the Ice Cream Capital of the World, home of Wells Blue Bunny Ice Cream. Habitue’ is right across the street form the Ice Cream Parlor. I love all of their wonderful flavors, but I am highlighting these 2 because they are Ice Cream related!! Bunny Tracks Ice Cream is one of their TOP sellers! So pick up some Bunny Tacks Ice Cream and enjoy it with a cup of Bunny Tracks Coffee from Habitue’!



Moleskine RedMoleskine Journals – A few years ago my brother, Adam, and I attend a conference of Josh McDowell’s. He pressed the importance of taking notes and always have somewhere to write them down. He used Moleskine because they are wear proof and come in all sizes. They are thin, so they fit in a pocket, purse or clutch without taking up a lot of room. I have one in my purse right now that I’m constantly pulling out and writing notes, thoughts, ideas, etc.



Kiehl's Creamy Eye Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado – Eventually I will post all of my favorite  beauty products, but here is one for now. Eye cream…. I may skip my skincare routine now and then, but eye cream is a must. Let’s keep the wrinkles at bay while we are young! Some of my other Kiehl’s favorites?? “Midnight Recovery” Concentrate ( I use this more in the winter when my skin is really dry), “Midnight Recovery” Eye Concentrate (is use it at night), “Ultra Facial” Oil Free Lotion (I use it every day, sometimes I add a few drops of the Midnight Recovery)

q Jokey Staycool Reversible Tank – This is my FAVORITE go-to tank top. I have one in about every color they have made since I started wearing them a few years ago! I love them because they are cool, fitted, not too low cut, v-neck which is a flattering neckline. You can wear it alone, layered with another color, or under anything.




Kenra Kenra Hairspray – We buy this in bulk!! For a stage worthy hold, high humidity hold, everyday work hold, Kenra is my favorite!! Super glue in a bottle is what a friend referred to it as, but it is also great for a light everyday hold. Love, love, love this hairspray!




Ebates Coupons and Cash Back  Ebates – If you are going to be shopping online, you might as well get the specials, coupons and cash back that Ebates has to offer! No cost to sign up!



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