This past week I had the chance to fly down to Alabama to visit my sister and her 2 kids, Tessa and Charlie. It’s a big year for these kids going back to school. New unknowns, new requirements, a whole new set of fears on what they already may be nervous about heading into a new school year. But, leave it to kids, once they see their friends, they seem to forget all about the outside world…. but we adults don’t!
There is the saying “it takes a village”, they have parents and grandparents that seem to get all the attention, have the prayer groups and all that jazz, and that’s great, and how it should be! But, I am from a group who may just have our tents set up a little ways outside of the “village”!! Aunts (and uncles!)
There is a special place in our hearts for our Niece’s and Nephew’s and I’d LIKE to believe a special place in their hears for us! haha
As they grow and mature over the years, we have a whole different perspective that I think is just as important to share with them. After all, we can be an interesting blend of their parents and grandparents all in one!
When I travel the world (which I love to do!) I send postcards to them, bring them books about that area of the world, etc. We can have such a unique opportunity to share our lives with them!
Since we are talking about school though and spending time in Alabama with them for 2 days of the “school routine” I came home with thoughts of how I can share in their school year from 17 hours away! Some things I am sending my sister and brother in-law that I have heard, read about and thought of since coming home!

The Aunt Life!

Exploring Noccalula Falls in Alabama with Tessa & Charlie, some great bonding time!

4 Ways To “Auntie Up”!

1. Their school bell rings at 7:40am – I am setting a prayer reminder in my phone on school days to pray for them!

2. I am sending them the book “Praying With Your Kids Before School” by Holly Melton – I heard the author on an interview on Family Life Today and ordered it immediately. It is so important now more than ever to know truth. This book is a discipleship tool for parents to share and discuss with their kids before school.
3. Focus Bars for Kid’s – This is a company from Nashville, TN! I love their bars and enjoy them regularly! We know food is fuel and especially for these young minds, so I am sending them boxes of Kid’s Focus Bars for a school snack!

4. Sending notes for their Mom to slip in their lunch boxes! You can send a bunch of hand written note cards at one time for an encouraging word throughout their school year! I also have this fun book that has pages you can rip out and fill in that are colorful and fun!