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Crab Puffs

Crab Puffs

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Nacho Cheese Soup

Nacho Cheese Soup

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Clean Skin Care

Clean Skin Care

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Hi! I’m Michaela

I have been singing with my family, The Browns, for 20 years. I also started playing violin at a young age, I started playing some simple songs onstage and never imagined I would be singing and playing violin for a living!! In 2015 my family opened our very own Live Music Theater in our hometown of Le Mars, Iowa. Speaking of Iowa, did I mention I was a farm girl? The Brown Family Farm has been in our family for over 130 years, so I don’t mind working hard! I love to travel, not only with the family while we are out singing, but as a hobby and for lifelong learning! Rounding everything off, I am also a real estate investor and entrepreneur! I almost forgot, I just published my 3rd cookbook and am a huge foodie…. how could I forget the food!?!

This is where I will be sharing all that…. and more!


Michaela Brown

Seasons – New Cookbook!

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. I have put together a collection of recipes for each SEASON! Each recipe includes a beautiful picture so you know what is should kinda’ turn out like!

Some Recipes Include –

Burnt Strawberries – 7Up Cake – Sweet & Sour Kabobs – Apple Butter Muffins – Candy Cane Cookies… and more!

Michaela Brown



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